Behind every great man, there is always a beautiful and intelligent woman by his side. Women are the light that guides men through the mists of distressed showing courage, strength, and hope. These are the characteristics making up the remarkable ladies of the Zeta Sister program. The Zeta Sister program is much more than meeting new friends, networking and socializing. Ladies find the Zeta sister program a second home away from home. What makes each Zeta sister special is the love they share for their family line, their brother and most of all, the bond shared within each Zeta sister. The zeta sister program is never selective to certain girls. It is open to all ladies interested in fulfilling their college experience.

Becoming a Zeta Sis’ is a great opportunity to provide closer connections with our brotherhood. Each Zeta Sis is paired up with a Distinguished Brother for the time he is an Active member of the fraternity. Zeta Sis receive exclusive access to parties and social events. Zeta Sisters also provide integral support during our community service events, fundraisers, and RUSH. It also allows ladies to become part of a family without the obligations and expenses of being in a sorority.

Zeta Sisters have always been a part of the tradition of Zeta Phi Rho. The Zeta Sis program is meant to supplement the brotherhood of Zeta Phi Rho and allows us to extend our close family ties beyond just men, also allowing women to experience a little bit of the life of Zeta Phi Rho.

The ZETA SIS program is an excellent chance for girls who would like to be part of a family without the obligations or expenses of joining a club or sorority. Unlike some other little sister programs, there is no pledging involved. We are recruiting cool girls who are down to kick it with cool people.

* Zeta Sisters: Are matched up with a bro who will look out for them and always have their back
* Support us and have special privileges at our events
* Gain networking with us, our associates, our alumni, and our eight other chapters
* Can participate in the annual all-chapter Zeta Sis Games in Santa Barbara
* Receive gifts from our fraternity

Contact our Zeta Sis Chair for more information!
Jefferson Trieu